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Lollipop Lane

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Lollipop Lane originated as a hugely popular radio drama which was aired twice daily on the SABC’s public broadcast radio channel, LotusFM. The original series consisted of 820 episodes and was written and created by Clinton Marius. During its four-year run from 2008-2012, it broke numerous broadcasting records and saw a massive increase in listenership during its two time slots.



Due to public demand, The Ladies of Lollipop Lane was presented as a stand-up comedy event in April 2014, featuring many of the radio show’s characters in a series of character-driven monologues. This event took place at Sibaya Casino’s iZulu Theatre and played to 1 300 people over three days.  This was, according to theatre management, one of the best-selling shows of its kind that they had hosted at the venue up to that point.


Current Format

In October 2014 Lollipop Lane made its second return, this time as a theatrical radio drama, recorded in performance before a live audience. Picking up on a story line from the radio show, this re-introduced the whacky gallery of folk from the block of flats where “the lift doesn’t quite go to the top floor.” Scripted by Clinton Marius and directed by Caroline Smart, the new series will continue to be staged as a bi-monthly theatrical radio comedy, performed before a live audience. The exciting new venture will subsequently be broadcast on Tape Aids for the Blind’s DSTV website.


“The idea to retain the radio element of Lollipop Lane came from a notion I had of revisiting the presentations of the hugely popular Springbok Radio comedy productions that came from Durban – Tom Meehan’s Men from the Ministry, Father, Dear Father and The Navy Lark,” explains Caroline Smart. “These productions were recorded in front of an audience at the Durban SABC studios, then edited and sent to Johannesburg to broadcast. However, the productions often ‘went on the road’, giving performances at venues outside Durban and further afield. This is the idea behind Lollipop Lane’s revival – to provide work for actors, make it available for fundraising purposes, reach a wider audience and ultimately to benefit members of Tape Aids for the Blind. I’m also delighted to be able to introduce the magic of radio theatre to a new generation!”


Clinton Marius adds: “We are constantly asked about what the future life of Lollipop Lane is, so to take the show to communities in the much-loved ‘radio drama before a live audience’ style is an exciting, and well-received new direction for the hit comedy”.


Lollipop Lane: The Big Biscuit Bake-Off

The first episode in the series is titled Lollipop Lane - The Big Biscuit Bake-Off, and stars Pauline Dalais and Sivani Chinappan as the two leads, Singh-Sing and Singh-Song, with Kajal Bagwandeen, Hamish Kyd, Mpume Mthombeni, Tom Read, Mayuri Naidu and Caroline Smart each playing an array of colourful characters. The story sees the Lollipop women challenging a rival biscuit company to a ‘biscuit bake-off’. What ensues is a comical war of words, flying pots and pans, accusations, theft, and a lot of secret ingredients!


Lollipop Lane: The Beauty Spot

Where The Big Biscuit Bake-Off focused on one of the highpoints of the radio comedy series, The Beauty Spot picks on another fun scenario from the series, re-introducing more of the show’s characters. The two bickering Mrs Singh’s, AKA Singh-Singh and Singh-Song, are back, played by Pauline Dalais and Sivani Chinappan respectively. Fans can also look forward to meeting up with other personalities from the show. This serial sees a charming, but dim Cassandra(Mayuri Naidu) from Lollipop Lane opening a beauty salon with her flamboyant neighbour, Junior Junior (Musa Ntuli). They employ the gormless young man, Storm (Shona Johnson), as a salon assistant, a decision that sets in a motion a crazy comedy of errors. The cast also includes Vedrahsa Singh, Caroline Smart, Kim Ferguson and Keith Millar.



The recordings are also available for sale with proceeds going to Tape Aids for The Blind. To know more, or to place an order, please contact Riaan.



Should you wish to book Lollipop Lane: The Big Biscuit Bake-Off for your venue or fundraiser, please contact Riaan (see below) for details on collaborations. Copy Dog and Lollipop Lane would like to nurture a long term relationship with promoters, and as such will give promoters for The Big biscuit Bake-Off first option on subsequent episodes.



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