Playhouse Company’s Community Arts Festival opens this week

The Playhouse Company, an agency of the Department of Arts and Culture, is hosting its 2018 Community Arts Festival (CAF) in Durban’s Playhouse Loft Theatre. This runs between 5 and 22 October. Admission is free to all CAF events.


“Community engagement and skills sharing are key elements in the execution of our annual arts programme at the Playhouse Company,” says Linda Bukhosini, the Company’s Chief Executive and Artistic Director. “We are proud to have grown this year’s Community Arts Festival significantly since staging last year’s festival. Following the success of the latter event, we are offering a wider spectrum of performance opportunities on our stages this year. Education and networking remain important factors in The Playhouse Company’s CAF initiative. In this regard CAF’s programme includes workshops by noted industry experts. Musa Hlatswayo, this year’s Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year for Dance, will facilitate a dance administration workshop. Edmund Mhlongo, an eThekwini Living Legend, will share his experience through a directing workshop. Jerry Pooe, who is also the festival curator, will facilitate a masterclass. We look forward to welcoming many theatre goers to this year’s festival.”


Dates & times of shows, workshops & masterclasses


Friday 5 October

12h30 - Classic Indian Dancers Indlamu & Pantsula Dancers (Porte Cochere)

14h00 - The Child of A Child 

16h00 - Sins of the Elder

17h00 - Sundowner Concert and Poetry

19h00 - Shero 


Saturday 6 October

14h00 - Serve ‘n Nuts 

16h00 - Sgebengu Sami

19h00 - Double You 


Friday 12 October

12h00 - Script Writing Workshop (A1)

14h00 - Khuluma Mngoma 

16h00 - Inzalabantu 

19h00 - To Be Like A Rock  


Saturday 13 October

10h00 - Farm Workers 

12h00 - Directing Workshop (A1)

14h00 - The Fireborn Princess  

16h00 - Umagejageja 

19h00 - All Gone


Friday 19 October

11h00 - Theatre Administration Master Class (A1)

14h00 - Year 2042 After The Last World War

16h00 - Last Supper

19h00 - Nomalizo The Brave


Saturday 20 October

10h00 - Indoda  

12h00 - Dance Administration Workshop (A1)

16h00 - Umsaka

17h15 - Indibano Music Concert 



About each production: 


Child of a Child

This powerful allegorical tale, seen through the journey of Boy Nkathazo to find his true identity, upholds the traditional values of the spirit of Ubuntu, that unifying identity shared by African people, now in danger of being lost.

5/10 | The Loft | 14h00



Sins of the Elder

Umbali Shozi, an orphan entrusted into the care of her stepmother, has to endure the cruel discrimination and ill-treatment meted out against her in this moving, community-based story,  an Ithuba Labasha project.

5/10 | The Loft | 16h00



In this Amanguni Productions coming of age drama, Zandile and Mthoko, two youthful lovebirds, pursue dancing careers while facing external challenges that might interfere with their attaining success.

5/10 | The Loft | 19h00


Serve ‘n Nuts

Saranya Devan’s drama delves into the tribulations of identity crisis, pulling off the masks that hide Muniamma, the Indian, Nkosinathi, the Zulu, and Yvonne, the in-between persona.

6/10 | The Loft | 14h00


Sgebengu Sami

This Emuhle All Artist production focuses on an ex-convict who has just come out of correctional services. Lying in wait for him from home are his previous deeds – his bygones.

6/10 | The Loft | 16h00


Double You

This drama directed by Amanda Forbay probes the troubled state of affairs that beset global society at large, suggesting we interrogate the forces and ethics that govern humanity through the running of democracies the world over.

6/10 | The Loft | 19h00


Khuluma Mngoma

This Edgy Drama Mix five-hander shows how different the live we live now is, compared to the vision our fallen heroes fought for, suggesting we have mistaken freedom for slavery and shame.

12/10 | The Loft | 14h00



A powerful and informative story told through narration, dance, and music, and focusing on a poor rural woman who is forced at an early age into an arranged marriage. Despite the hardships of unemployment, of falling pregnant, and losing both child and husband, she still strives to become a successful and respected woman in the village.

12/10 | The Loft | 16h00


To Be Like The Rock

Co-written and workshopped by Neil Coppen with Umsindo Theatre Projects, this is a tale of five girls working in a quarry, breaking bricks. Taken from their homes into human trafficking, their different stories the same objective in common.

12/10 | The Loft | 19h00


The Farm Workers

Produced by Mzansi Arts Development, this drama addresses issues of racism which emanate from unfavourable working conditions for farm workers.

13/10 | The Loft | 10h00


Draupadi – The Fire born Princess

This Bhakti Theatre production focuses on the Princess Draupadi, an historic figure derived from India’s ancient epic, The Mahabharata. Born from fire, she was the most beautiful woman of her era, prophesied to be the destruction of billions of warriors. An archery challenge was set so that a warrior might win her hand in marriage.

13/10 | The Loft | 14h00



This Umlazi Acting Lab production depicts four men trapped by their past. They are introduced to Umagejageja, a mythical creature who is an elite healer and spiritual revivalist – without noticing that he is a spirit that lives within them all.

13/10 | The Loft | 16h00


All Gone

This morality tale, devised as a one-man performance using minimal props, expounds the necessity of managing one’s material resources wisely.

13/10 | The Loft | 19h00


Year of 2042 After The Last World War

The Illuminati rule an apocalyptic universe in which Christianity is banned, following the last word war, which was incited by religion.

19/10 | The Loft | 14h00 


Last Supper

In this gripping drama from 3 KZN Talents, Emily and her daughter Lisa stand up against the brutal domestic abuse they have long endured at the hands of Nelson, Emily’s sadist of a husband.

19/10 | The Loft | 16h00


Nomalizo The Brave

Nomaliso, a brave young woman, is prohibited by the traditional custom known as ‘Ukhuthwala Intombi’ from marrying the man she loves. Her parents seek to force her into an arranged marriage so they can gain money. Directed by Bonginkosi Shangase, this tale, told through music, drama and dance, encourages women to stand up for their rights.

19/10 | The Loft | 19h00



In this apartheid retrospective, Sanele Maphumulo’s moving dance drama looks at the life of a young man who has been raised by his grandmother, before he sets out for the big city to find his own identity by finding his father, an MK soldier absent throughout his childhood.

20/10 | The Loft | 10h00



Siwela Sonke’s dance piece unravels a complicated plot in which the younger generation of a family seek to discover the secrets that were hidden by their fathers.

20/10 | The Loft | 16h00 


Apart from these theatre productions, festival goers can also look forward to a series of Sundowner Concerts and Poetry as well as a crafters and Mandela Exhibition that showcases daily from 10h00-17h00 in the Main Foyer. All events at the Playhouse Company's Community Arts Festival are free to the public. Bookings for theatre shows can be made by contacting A number of tickets will be made available at the box office on the day of each productions. 

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