Review: Bloopers wows!


Critical accolade for comedians Aaron McIlroy and Lisa Bobbert, as they dish out the wow factor onstage… CHRIS SUTTON reviews Bloopers, now running at Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre in Durban


Brought to the stage by "MacBob Productions" and the every professional Elizabeth Sneddon's management team, this production is another madcap ride into the world of farce. Stage partners Aaron and Lisa always manage to bring something fresh to their shows so you at never at the risk of leaving the theatre with the impression that it was 'more of the same'.

Whilst Aaron still uses his almost manic facial expressions, with eyes that make me think of a chameleon stumbling upon a bunch of overripe bananas covered in flies, together with a variety of accents (sometimes in the same sentence ), the humour is different.

One of the skits features the infamous Darwin Awards. After the chaotic scenes prior to this one, it is a humorous reminder that whilst people seem to be getting crazier than ever, they appear to be surviving their best attempts to be the masters of their own downfall. How can a nut like Donald Trump continue with his own brand of political buffonery and remain in office as President of the United States?  It is thoughts like this that make me appreciate how much the MacBob Team's unique brand of comedy stimulates the immagination.

I guess that elements of schadenfreude creep into the experience by way of the immense relief that you feel when the show ends and you realize that you haven't had any of the misadventures that Aaron and Lisa act out on stage.

Standing ovation - oh yeah: what a couple!


Recommended - if you can tear yourself away from the farce of the various 'commissions' that are underway to try and uncover the facts behind the alleged malfeasance of our political leaders - past and present - this is a must see for all South Africans who enjoy live theatre.

PS : Cellphone Man is back - in disguise...




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